Creativity Is Another Level Of Productivity

Working remotely bursts your creativity.

It won’t not happen automatically though. It’ll happen, because you’ll feel an urge to do more meaningful things.

In first few moments of unplugging from the system, you want to keep your productivity on a similar or a bit higher level as before. That is natural.

You want to prove yourself that the major life change was a good one.

Once this feeling dissolves you want to get even better.

Things settle and there must be another level in your personal development. Not because somebody forces you but because you want to go a step further. Or maybe two.

Working longer or pushing productivity by working more and longer is not satisfying after some time.

You want to feel more useful.

You want to work on more meaningful things.

You want to do things that really matters.

You want to be more creative.

It is inevitable.

Creativity does not come easy to everyone though. It even does not appeal the same to all. No matter of which group you are from, one day it happens.

Creativity Rarely Happens In The Office

Why does not creativity struck you in the office? Why do you need to work remotely?

For creativity you need space that gives you a feeling of freedom.

How often have you felt relaxed in the office?

How often have you leaned back and started to think for 15 minutes? I know exactly.

Unless you have your own office or one hidden from eyes of others, probably never.

It is just against all conventions.

You are supposed to work in the office not to think and be creative.

Creativity can’t be forced. It has to come to you, open the door and allow you to accept that feeling.

You may even want to fight it at first. Or, think it is not for you. Creative people are those others, right?

Creativity is natural for everyone.

Being creative means being happy. Don’t you believe me?

What makes you more satisfied? Filling another offer form? Creating another template document? Coding a small feature to a huge project? Or, making a new simple web app that you always wanted?

I bet the latest one is an answer for you.

Creativity is another level of productivity.

It keeps you busy not because you have to do something but because you want to. And you love it.